The art of delegating

The art of delegating is a vast and far-reaching area of business, and we're going to give you the keys to doing it properly. We're going to analyze this area and look at the different aspects of effective delegation.

What will I learn?
  • The role of delegation
  • The delegation process
  • The art of delegation
  • Clarify your priorities and let go
  • Identify tasks to delegate

Unit 1: Understanding the role of delegation in a team
  • Understanding the role of delegation
Unit 2: Delegation is all about communication
  • Delegation and communication
  • Why you need to delegate
  • The Eisenhower matrix method
Unit 3: The delegation process
  • The different stages of delegation
Unit 4: More details on the stages of delegation
  • Identify the work to delegate
  • Let go at work
  • Clarifying priorities
  • Videos
  • Progress dashboard
  • Platform for expert correction
  • Personalized appointments with an expert on request
  • A coach for personalized follow-up

  • Evaluation methods:
  • Exercises & continuous assessment
  • Tester gratuitement