School Online University is a certified and professionally recognized online training school. Our innovative digital solution allows you to work remotely and at your own pace... wherever and whenever you want. You are the actor of your training.
Thanks to our 40 years of experience in traditional teaching, we have built a philosophy based on a playful and dynamic blended learning method between teachers and students.
Our experts in pedagogical engineering have devised an innovative learning format based on self-produced videos. Illustrated teaching materials and evaluation books are also available.


More than 43 years of pedagogical experience 

More than 150 working professionals ready to help you

Our course materials (videos, exercises, workbooks) are developed by our experts

A coach will accompany you before, during and after your training

A dedicated space for students and teachers with numerous tools (videoconferencing and delivery of materials and exercises)

Follow the training program at your own pace, wherever and whenever you like




Your coach will explain everything you need, advise you on the content of your training, answer all your questions and recommend a work schedule and rhythm that suits your lifestyle. You can contact him by phone, email or Skype.




Once you have registered for your training, you will receive an email with access to your personal space.



Organize your own work pace and enjoy unlimited access (24 hours a day) to your training videos, self-correcting exercises and downloadable course materials in PDF format. Do you have any questions? Your coach and our pedagogical experts will get back to you quickly.


Once you have registered, you will have access to the tools in your personal space. This interface will allow you to start or resume your training, consult your planning and performance, and contact the pedagogical experts and the School Online team, either by chat or video conference. Our platform allows you to submit your exercises for correction and grading.



Our experts will correct your assignments, grade them and leave a feedback with examples of similar corrections. You will receive all of this through our platform. Do you have any questions? Do you want to go deeper into a task? We can arrange a videoconference meeting or a telephone appointment with our expert, so that you can make rapid progress in your training.



You have been an exemplary student and have achieved a minimum score of 12/20 in the continuous assessment (self-corrected exercises and homework). Congratulations, you will receive the School Online University certificate. Are you missing any deliverables to validate your training? We will give you extra time to catch up on your lessons.

Our objective is to maintain the quality and atmosphere of a traditional classroom but with the advantages of distance learning and without ever having to face pedagogical isolation, thanks to our personalized follow-up method according to your objectives. A specialized coach will accompany you in the choice of the training program adapted to your case as well as during the follow-up of your training, either by email, by phone or via Skype meetings.

Our mission: to take your learning to another level.

Welcome to our universe.



Because a picture is worth a thousand words, we have chosen to transmit the knowledge of our experts through videos carefully created by our pedagogical team. This is not a tutorial. School Online University is a masterclass produced entirely by our team, enhanced by our technicians and energized by our graphic designers. We are our own producers and experts in the subject matter of each of our training courses. 


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Founder & Manager
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Founder & Manager
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