Soft skills in the workplace

First, we'll look at what we mean by "Soft skills" and "Soft skills in the workplace". We'll look at the different ways of acting and the different skills that can be put to good use in professional relationships. We'll then look at the essential and important rules for a good corporate life.

What will I learn?
  • What are the soft skills?
  • Working on your interpersonal skills
  • Professional attitude and behavior
  • Behaving properly
  • Inappropriate attitudes and behavior

Unit 1: Introduction
  • What are the soft skills?
  • Why is this so important?
  • Qualities related to interpersonal skills
Unit 2: How to do it
  • How do you develop your interpersonal skills?
Unit 3: Attitude and behavior in the workplace
  • Attitude and professional behavior
  • What does professional behavior mean?
  • How can I behave properly at work?
  • Universal professional attitudes
  • What are the consequences of inappropriate professional behavior?
  • Developing attitudes and behavior in the workplace
Unit 4: Integrating the essential rules of corporate life

  • Videos
  • Progress dashboard
  • Platform for expert correction
  • Personalized appointments with an expert on request
  • A coach for personalized follow-up

  • Evaluation methods:
  • Exercises & continuous assessment
  • Tester gratuitement