Public speaking

This training course is designed to give you the keys to fluent, effective and confident public speaking. We'll teach you how to direct your audience's attention, manage stress and organize your ideas.

What will I learn?
  • Getting to know yourself better orally
  • Developing your charisma
  • Impact your audience
  • Speaking out on stage

Unit 1: Fundamentals of public speaking
  • Speech preparation
  • Getting to know each other better orally
  • Your self-image

Unit 2: Mastering your language
  • Developing your charisma
  • Developing your verbal fluency
  • Non-verbal language
  • The tongue twisters

Unit 3: Influencing your audience
  • Impact your audience
  • Edgar Dale and the learning cone
  • Speaking out on stage
  • The pitch
  • Videos
  • Progress dashboard
  • Platform for expert correction
  • Personalized appointments with an expert on request
  • A coach for personalized follow-up

  • Evaluation methods:
  • Exercises & continuous assessment
  • Tester gratuitement