Outdoor photography

Accompanied by Nicolas, you'll learn the fundamentals of outdoor shooting in a series of chapters. We'll cover a range of themes from a theoretical and practical point of view, enabling you to achieve all your photographic ambitions.

What will I learn?
  • Shooting and flash basics
  • The basic material
  • Principles of photography
  • Speedlight flash modes
  • Directing and shaping flashlight
  • Lighting with two flashes

Unit 1: Reminder of shooting and flash basics
• Introduction
• Principle of the flash and lighting with a flash
• Exposure principles
• Principle of reciprocity gap

Unit 2: The basic equipment
• Presentation of basic equipment

Unit 3: Shooting principles, basic flash methodology
• Manual flash mode
• The impact of aperture size on flash intensity
• Impact of speed on perceived flash intensity
• Impact of sensitivity on perceived flash intensity
• The role of ambient light
• Manual working methodology

Unit 4: The main Speelight flash modes
TTL mode

Unit 5: Directing and shaping flashlight
• The lighting compass
• Using an umbrella
• Using a softbox

Unit 6: Lighting with two flash units

  • Videos
  • Progress dashboard
  • Platform for expert correction
  • Personalized appointments with an expert on request
  • A coach for personalized follow-up

  • Evaluation methods:
  • Exercises & continuous assessment
  • Tester gratuitement